Christmas is coming…

So, Christmas is only 8 days away.. I think any shopping done now can officially be judged “last minute” (although according to my husband only shopping done on Christmas Eve can truly be called that!) How prepared are you?

How do you feel about the “festive season” – is it a time of stress or one of relaxation, wonder or weariness?

I think if you celebrate Christmas, no matter whether it’s the miraculous birth of a saviour or the arrival of the man in the red suit, the excitement is directly proportional to the number of youngsters in your life. Literally, the more the merrier!

We are fortunate to have quite a few under 10’s in our family… 12 at last count.. and so the excitement is almost reaching fever pitch!

Whatever your beliefs or traditions, the approaching end of the year is bound to make us tend towards some reflection on how the year has gone, and what has changed since this time last year.

For Treasured this year has been one of huge change – this time last year we were just kicking off our pilot group with only the iPhone app to play with.

This year we have been live with the app and website for nearly six months, we have hundreds of users/fans/followers/likers, we’ve been reviewed and featured by lots of great blogs and publications, we’ve been chosen as “App of the Day” by the Daily Mail this month, and have loads more exciting plans in the pipeline for 2014!

Right now we are working on creating Photobooks from your Treasured memory boxes – this is a really simple way to create your photo book as all the information you need to add (title, caption, who, where, what, when) are already completed when you added that memory to the box.

We are really excited to be working with a great team to achieve this, and will let you know as soon as its ready!

I’ve already told you in a previous blog post that our parents live far away from each other, and my relatives and I are spread out around the world – so Treasured will be a really great tool for us to record our family Christmas this year in our different locations and catch up with each other’s wonderful days at our leisure as and when it suits each of us.

We will also make full use of the wonderful tools like Skype and Viber to make and receive video calls so that the family can watch the children open their presents no matter where they are (time zone permitting obviously!)

Each young family as they grow brings traditions from their parents to their youngsters, and this month we asked on our FB and Twitter feeds whether you and your families have created any NEW traditions;

When my husband was growing up, his family had a coal fire, and hence a coal bunker full of soot, which his parents used to create “sooty footprints” from the fireplace to the Christmas tree – convincing a young Paul that Santa had indeed managed to fit down the chimney and leave those lovely presents under the tree!

The coal fire is now a gas one at the grandparents’ houses, and a “feature fireplace” (which has never seen a fire) in our own home! So… our new tradition, started around 12 years ago for our eldest child, is “magical Santa footprints”… made using a pair of wellington boots, some talcum powder or flour, and a liberal sprinkling of silver glitter!

They are very convincing, if I say so myself – what do you think?


Some other new traditions our friends have added:

1. Putting up the decorations on 30th November, with the advent calendars wrapped up underneath the tree, to kick off December in as Christmassy way as possible!

2. A hamper to be opened on Christmas Eve – containing new pyjamas, a Christmas film on DVD and some goodies to eat and drink – ready for a cosy family evening in before the fun begins!

3. Of course, we couldn’t finish without mentioning the many friends who have taken the leap to inviting their very own Christmas Elf into their home for the month of December, with all the fun, mischief, mess and magic that brings! The sky really is the limit with these little guys, I have seen photographic evidence of everything from snowball fights and board games with the other toys, to creative and imaginative construction and thrilling escapades, such as zip lines from light fittings and curtain poles, and everything in between (including the odd rather naughty elf partaking of Mum and Dad’s wine, beer & Christmas chocolates!)

Whatever your traditions, new and old, we hope you and your family have a wonderful festive season and we look forward very much to sharing more with you over the coming weeks and months, as Treasured grows.

Please tell everyone you know about Treasured – with the free app and the first 250Mb of storage free (around 100 iPhone photos) – what do you have to lose?

Download the app or register on the website – and have a Treasured Christmas!

Merry Christmas to you all and a wonderful happy and healthy New Year 2014!

Christmas Eve!

Christmas Eve!


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