Weird Weather?

Well, I wouldn’t be British if I didn’t like a good old moan about the weather would I?
It’s one of the things we’re most well known for in the world, I think – isn’t it?
So – is it just me, or has the weather this last few months just been freakish?

Here in the UK, we have had torrential rain for what seems like months now – we are almost getting used to it – but, maybe because it’s the rivers that are bursting their banks, it doesn’t always seem to happen in the same places!

Then at the same time, over on the East Coast of the U.S.A. they are suffering the effects of a “Polar Vortex” (great name!) which is making for some amazingly beautiful photos, but I don’t think I know anyone who would want to live like that for a long period of time – so cold, you can’t have any exposed skin if you go outside otherwise you risk losing your extremeties!! (well, unless you live in Alaska or some parts of Canada perhaps, but then you know what you’re letting yourself in for!)

A lighthouse in Michigan

A lighthouse in Michigan

And last, but not least, Australia is having a heatwave again – bushfires, temperatures over 40 degrees for days on end – how do you carry on a normal daily life in that heat and with the constant threat of being evacuated from your home in a hurry in the path of a ravenous fire with no regard for life or property.

Thermometer in Queensland, Australia Dec 2013

Thermometer in Queensland, Australia Dec 2013

All of these freakish weather conditions carry with them the risk of losing your belongings, if anything happens to your home and its contents.

Treasured enables you to choose your favourite photos and memories, those ones that you REALLY don’t want to lose, no matter what – and keep them safe and secure (and private) out of your home and off your devices, so that you won’t lose them, even if your home were flooded or lost in a fire! And at the same time you can share them with loved ones around the world – or keep them completely private – its up to you!

The Treasured iPhone app is free to download, and the first 250Mb of storage is free (around 100 iPhone photos) – after which our generous 2Gb plan is just £2 or $3 per month – less than a cup of coffee a month – what do you have to lose?

Go for it! And let us know how you like it? And how you use it – we love to get feedback!

Just think, we’re halfway through January already – there is light at the end of the tunnel – I’m looking forward to spring!

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Keep Smiling!

Amy x


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