Nanny’s Notes – How I use Treasured by Lorraine

When Amy asked me to write a blog for Treasured I had a quick panic attack as I haven’t done anything like this for years, but then I thought how great Treasured is and thought “I can do this!” So here goes:

Me and my husband Trevor

Me and my husband Trevor

How do we use Treasured?

As we have 3 children and 7 beautiful Grandchildren, we have hundreds if not tens of hundreds of photos and keepsakes which would be tragic if anything happened to them.

We live quite close to heathland and there have been a number of fires in recent years on the Heath and folks have been evacuated from their homes, so you start to think what would we take if we were evacuated?

A winter walk

A winter walk

We used to have photos  backed up on a disc drive, but that died!

So, there are many reasons for using Treasured to store our precious photos and keepsakes of all the family. Our worries have been alleviated.

It’s great – you just add any new photos or happenings to each individual’s box and it’s there forever.  Whether you lose your phone or your originals you still have them stored.

A Treasured Memory Box

A Treasured Memory Box

I’m a bit of a technophobe so I don’t really understand about where they are stored etc. but I do know they are now safe and I will never lose them.

Take a look at the App, it’s so easy to use and for Grandparents it’s perfect as you can boast without having to scroll through loads of photos to get to the one of that grandchild doing her dance lesson etc. so you can bore your friends a lot quicker!!

Proud Nanny with a new Grandchild

Proud Nanny with a new Grandchild

Importantly, we can share our boxes with family and friends so they can add to your boxes. You still have control over what goes into the box, and you give permission to whom ever you want to view or add to the box so they remain very secure.

So there you have it Treasured a great tool to add to your phone or tablet!



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