Holidays / Vacations

At the end of February, here in the UK it was “half term” – the children get one week’s holiday from school, and many families choose to take advantage of this time to get away from the dismal weather at home and fly to foreign places.

This year we decided to take our littlest one skiing – she has been once before and got on well, so this time we went to Lake Louise in Canada, flying into Calgary and driving 2.5 hours up to Lake Louise.

We had a wonderful time – it was a different holiday to our previous skiing holidays pre-children.. no real apres-ski, just early mornings (thanks to the 7 hour time difference!) and a nice meal and an early night pretty much every night, as we were sharing a hotel room.

But it was really lovely, and we really enjoyed it. The fresh air, the pool (especially the hot tub) after skiing, good food and we made some lovely new friends.

While we were away, my parents looked after our dog, Poppy, for us, and we had an exchange of photos all week!

We created an event in Treasured, into which we added new photos of our holiday and the fun times we were having – we then added the event into my memory box, my husband’s memory box and our daughter’s memory box (with three clicks!) and our families were able to see what we were up to.

Our holiday as an event in Treasured

Our holiday as an event in Treasured

At the same time, my parents were taking photos of Poppy and putting them into her treasured memory box, so that we could see what fun she was having!

Poppy having fun with the grandparents

Poppy having fun with the grandparents

This is just a small example of how Treasured becomes a private sharing network as well as a family history for the future, for us all to look back on and enjoy!

We’d love to hear how you have used Treasured lately – please do let us know.

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We hope you all have happy holidays/vacations/staycations, and a chance to recharge your batteries!



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