Why is Treasured unique?

People often ask me “But how is Treasured different to….<insert another service name here>…?”

I decided to write this blog post to explain why I believe Treasured is unique!

Firstly, Treasured offers a safe and private online memory box service, that is totally flexible – YOU create the boxes that make sense in YOUR life – we’re not going to tell you that you can only create boxes for your kids, or that your pet shouldn’t be just as loved (or photographed!), or that you can’t create a box for yourself, your step-child, grand-child, your parent, a special event or a hobby!
With Treasured, you can make a box for anything you like – or three or four, or a hundred – it’s your memory box, you do what you like with it!


The second difference is that unlike other file storage and sharing services, Treasured is very visual – showing you your memories in a thumbnail timeline, and enabling you to quickly page through a larger view of your memories in date order (backwards)..
It’s like paging through your digital photo albums – the kids love it!


The third difference is that each entry in Treasured (whether it might be a photo or a text note) is accompanied by a title, caption, who you were with, where you were and the date it happened.
This way, years in the future, when we’re grandmothers and grandfathers ourselves (hopefully) we can show our memory box or our children’s memory box to someone and not have to say “Who is that on the right? Oh, I can’t remember” or “What year was that?”, “Where were we?”, “What was the occasion?” – the details are recorded there for you to see.


The fourth difference is that you can allow other friends or family members to see AND add their own memories into any one of your Treasured memory boxes (if you choose to do so). Each box can have a different audience, and you are notified when anyone else adds a memory to your memory box.
An example would be Grandma adding a photo or memory to one of your children’s memory boxes, or a family member overseas allowing you to see and add to their memory box.


And the fifth difference is that our business has a sustainable plan – we are not offering a free service which can’t be maintained, or risking it all on the hope that FaceBook will buy us for $1bn+. We offer a free storage of 250Mb, after which the majority of our customers will probably never use more than our 2Gb for £2 per month storage band.
We upload the full original file size – if you are paying for your storage its not in our interest to compress your image to hold it (and its not in your interest if you want to have it copied securely somewhere away from your home and devices, in case of loss or damage!)

Treasured.com was started by a Mum, who wanted somewhere safe, private and secure online to backup, organise and share the memories of her child’s childhood, to enjoy later.

It has evolved into the online memory box service we have today, and will continue to evolve.

Please do leave us a comment, and check out the website at http://www.treasured.com, or download the Treasured app from the iPhone App Store and get started!

Have a nice week!

Amy x


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