Do you know the meaning of…

Do you connect with other people online?
Are you an “FTP”? (First Time Parent)? An “SAHP” (Stay at Home Parent) or a “WAHM” (Work at Home Parent)?
Do you find all these acronyms hard to understand?

When I was pregnant (PG) with my dear daughter (DD), a friend of mine suggested I should register on the babycentre (BBC) website to get information on my growing baby so I did so, and signed up to receive weekly updates – it was really cool!

10 weeks pg pic

Also on the website there was the opportunity to participate in a “birth club” of ladies who had an estimated due date (EDD) the same month as me, which I did.

Birth Club

I am amazed and astounded to realise that it has been nearly seven years since I “met” these ladies, who I still speak to on a daily basis, after all these years!

And we don’t only discuss the children – far from it! While they are obviously the common theme that ties us together, across race, religion and geographic location, they are a long way from being the main topic of conversation.

Birth Club 2

These days there are so many ways for women to join discussion groups online, from & to,,, Facebook groups etc etc, the list goes on and on.

I think it’s fantastic that we have this ability to talk and discuss our issues, questions, problems and find a sympathetic ear, someone who has been through it and come out the other side, who can perhaps give some advice on how to get past this problem, so we can all move onto the next!

IMHO (In my humble opinion) It’s a particular strength of women to ask for advice, to admit that we are not experts, that maybe from time to time we need a bit of help!

And maybe, on this journey together, we make real, lasting friendships in real life (IRL). I have met some of the friends I have made through this group in real life, and it seems odd to think that some of them I haven’t met (yet!)

My group of online friends have been with me throughout my journey in setting up and starting Treasured, they have been some of my strongest supporters and I’d like to Thank them all right now!
Thank you ladies. I couldn’t have got this far without you all.

Have you met a new group of friends online? Has it helped you get through a particular issue or situation that you needed some support for? If not, why not? What is your perception of these kinds of sites/groups?

And do you find these acronyms confusing? Here’s a little cheat sheet:

Remember to always stay safe online – don’t give out personal information! See my previous post about internet safety here:

Amy x

CEO & Founder of Treasured Ltd is an online digital memory box & scrapbooking solution provided by website and mobile app, to keep your memories safe, organised and private.




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