The guilt of a second time mum

Today’s blog is a guest post by our lovely friend Kerry Haynes from Inspire Me Media, thank you Kerry!

Kerry writes:
As a busy working mum, I have to admit, the things I did when my first son was born, have not been repeated with the second.   I was that mum who first time around, filled in every milestone into the memory book I was bought as a gift to celebrate Jacob’s birth.  I sat on an evening sticking in photos, making a note of all the first events, including his first poo on the toilet (really!?!).  If I do say so myself, the book looks beautiful.

Then along came number 2.  Archie.  By this time, I was running my own business, so took minimal maternity leave, and I have to confess to this day, the memory book, which was bought by my mum for him, lays empty gathering dust.  Yes, I know, I feel the pangs of guilt and hear the cries of ‘terrible parent’ echoing around, but I just don’t have the same amount of time and motivation to note every single memory and stick photos in like I did before.

Kerry with her boys

Kerry with her boys

Now, don’t get me wrong, I love both my children equally and devotedly, and in every other aspect of life try my hardest to make things equal (not always succeeding I hasten to add).  This is why, when I heard about Treasured, I thought what an amazing idea, and so gave it a go.  Treasured is essentially like a memory book, but an app which you can use on your computer or phone to record all those memories as they happen, which works for me, as I note them before I forget.  It is so easy to use and what’s even better is I can share each box with friends and family so they can add their memories too.

With Jacob at school and Archie starting in September, there are many milestones, which have recently happened or are about to happen.  I have been using Treasured for a year now, and it is so easy and great to have to hand.  I have a box for Jacob and one for Archie, as well as boxes for holidays and for the hen do’s I have been on recently. 

Kerry's Treasured boxes

Kerry’s Treasured boxes

Writing this blog, I am looking back through on what I have recorded, and its lovely.  Jacob as writer of the week, first football trophy, Star reader, and first trip to Wembley.  Yes –  I have lots in there for Archie too… The funny things he has said, his graduation from pre-school and even his trip to A&E with a hole in his head – he is a clumsy one!  I won’t tell you what’s in the hen night boxes – what goes on tour stays on tour, I believe they say!

I can honestly say, this is a great little tool and my friends who I have told about it love it too.  Try it and see what you think – would love to hear how you get on.  Oh and what’s more its free to download – bonus.  You can visit or see it in the App store

Good Luck and happy snapping!

Kerry x



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