Childcare: Childminders/Nannies/Grandparents?

This week I thought i would write about childcare – whether you are a full-time/part-time or home working parent, most of us need help with childcare at some point.

So, who looks after your children when you can’t be there?

Do you have a childminder? Someone who is licensed and checked by the authorities, who looks after your child/children at their house, often along with their own child/children?

Or perhaps you have a Nanny? Again checked and trusted, but this time they look after your children in your home, sometimes they even live with you, for part of the week at least. Your children have the Nanny to themselves, they become a part of your family.

More and more recently it is the Grandparents who look after the children while the parents are at work – they are generally a free resource, sometimes on an adhoc basis, sometimes a regular one, do you ask your parents to help with your childcare?


Whoever you entrust with your precious children, what do they DO with them when you’re not there – do they fill in a journal, send you an email or picture messages, or do you find out on Facebook (as has been the case with some friends of ours!)

Using Treasured (first 250Mb of storage is free), you can set up a box for each child, and you can allow their childcarer to submit entries (photos and written memories) into that memory box. They don’t need to be able to see the other entries in the box, unless you would like them to (i.e. grandparents or family members), and you can also require each entry to be approved by you.


Each child then has a central memory box, where all their childhood memories are kept, and they can eventually have access to it themselves, and add their special moments!

Nannys glasses Jan 2013

Most importantly perhaps, you stay in control of the images and memories, and can decide when and how to share them.

Have a great week!

Amy x



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